What is mikelapierre.com?

Simply put, it is my life, in digital. This is my personal space on the internet. It contains my thoughts, musings, and stream of consciousness. It is my photo repository and my collection of moments. It is an opportunity to pause and reflect. But it’s also more than just documenting events of my life and exploring things I’m passionate about. It’s also a personal project – part exercise in learning internet technology, part experiment in understanding myself, and part practice in stepping outside my comfort zone. It is a journey of personal growth.

Why create your own website?

[pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”#2ac4ea” class=”” size=””]To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, draw closer, to find each other and to feel. That is the purpose of life. ~ The Secret Life of Walter Mitty[/pullquote]

I have asked myself this question repeatedly, and I don’t have a good answer. However, it has yielded a better, more general question – Why do we do anything?

I think for most people it boils down to something pretty simple…because we want to, and because we can. To be a little more articulate about it, we do it for the experience. We do things in order to say that we did them, to learn from them, and to tell the story. If we’re not learning and challenging ourselves, we’re not growing…right?


This site, as a platform, seems like the perfect experimental classroom to learn, share, and to generate conversations. All of which translate back to one of my broader goals, which is to never stop exploring and learning from the world around me.

What will you blog about?

Whatever is on my mind…

  • College Football
  • Orange Juice
  • Bottlenose Dolphins
  • Little Giants and “The Annexation of Puerto Rico”
  • The proper way to construct a burrito

…just to name a few.

But to give you a better sense, if you’ve read my About page you know I’m very interested in photography, health and fitness, and home improvement. You can expect to see those areas featured fairly regularly. As someone who likes numbers and has known the crushing feeling of debt, personal finance topics are always of interest as well. I’m also a gamer, skier, home brewer, and sports fan. To a lesser extent I plan to explore writing, internet marketing, and building various income streams. Software programming is something I’ve wanted to learn about as well.

Initially, I am sure the topics discussed here will be wide ranging, but I am confident the aperture will narrow over time.

What do you hope to accomplish?

[pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”#2ac4ea” class=”” size=””]Life is nothing but a collection of memories and experiences and you owe it to yourself to gather as many as you can.[/pullquote]

I want this blog to be a catalyst for me to explore ideas and personal interests, and to document the experience along the way. I want to challenge myself to stop and think. To examine my worldview and how it shapes me. I want to be able to figure out an answer when I ask myself questions of “Why…?”.  But beyond that, I also want this to be a hub for interaction with people with similar interests that want to exchange ideas and insights. I want us to learn from each other.

But most importantly, I want this blog to document my journey, big and little experiences alike. I want it to be something I can look back on someday with pride. Or even laughter. Either way, it will be a learning experience. So to that I say, thanks for joining me on the ride.



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