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I am one part photographer, two parts writer. Three parts tinkerer and four parts curious. I studied Rocket Science so I could become a Management Consultant. I love numbers but am no longer good at math. I have a voracious appetite for reading and consume books like they are made of oxygen. I love music but cannot carry a tune. I have rushed the field after a Football game and I have jumped out of a perfectly good airplane. I owned a motorcycle that was stolen twice. I have driven eight hours to ski for six. I have 7 scars, have had 12 stitches and 25 staples, but zero broken bones. I drink milk. I like to cook but I hate to shop. I prefer to spell it “barbeque” and not “barbecue”, and I dip my pizza in it. My beer has lots of hops and I drink it from a glass. I taught the most interesting man in the world how to not be thirsty. I am a jack of all trades, a master of some, and I believe the destination is not nearly as fulfilling as the journey. If this is your first time on my site, this blog post is a good place to start – Hi, I’m Mike.

A few things I am Passionate about…

Engineering: The US Navy’s F/A-18 Hornet is my favorite aircraft, but I was told I would likely never pilot one because of a genetically inherited heart rhythm irregularity. Instead, I studied Aerospace Engineering and Mathematics. If you can’t fly ’em, build ’em! Since then I have dedicated myself to various engineering efforts, all involving the US Navy, and things that move through the air.
Photography: Life is constantly moving, and at the end of the day one’s true wealth is best measured in memories and experiences. Photography allows us to see an image – a moment from our lives – and immediately recall all the emotions we felt in that moment. It’s a beautiful thing. The love of capturing these moments, that can later be returned to for a smile, a laugh or a even a tear, is what fuels my passion for photography. Here are some of my favorite photos.
Problem Solving:  How can I improve this? What can we be doing better? Why isn’t this working? These are questions I cannot help but ask myself and others. I want to understand the issues that keep people awake at night, and I want to help resolve those issues. I am a natural fixer. It’s the engineer in me. It’s not about the pursuit of perfection. It’s about efficiency, improvement, and evolution. And it feels good to help people. #karma
Home Improvement: I am an engineer and problem solver. I like taking things apart, seeing how they work, and putting them back together. And I especially like applying that mentality to experiment with my own home. Built in 1948, it is 67 years old and in desperate need of updating and modernization, both inside and out. Whether I’m ripping out and replacing drywall, or re-wiring outlets to address safety concerns, I always have a project…or five…going on.
Writing: I have always enjoyed reading. So it would seem intuitive that I would also enjoy writing, but it took me a long time to really understand and embrace that part of myself. If you follow my blog, you will see me write about a lot of topics. It will probably feel a little random. It should. I’m not a professional, I write for myself to better understand my own thinking. It’s cathartic. Plus, I have a lousy memory. Just ask my wife.
Health/Fitness: I have always been athletic. I’m not good at sitting down. I like to be up and moving. To have my blood flowing and my muscles working. There is just something about pushing the limits of your body, both physically and mentally, that touches something deep inside me. It is spiritual. It is primal. It simultaneously reminds me I’m alive and mellows me out. It is my reset button.
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